Our Staff

The Alternative Education Center Staff


Troy Doss – Principal                                      [email protected]
Curtis Hetherington – Manager                       [email protected]


Amy Johnson - ISAEP/GED Teacher               [email protected]

Barbara Stewart – Paraprofessional                [email protected] 

Beth Farmer - Math Teacher                            [email protected]

Brenda Goff – Adult GED teacher                    [email protected]

Chelsea Craig – Counselor                              [email protected]

Chris Bryant - History Teacher                         [email protected]

Cindy Epperly - Special Ed. Teacher                [email protected]

Dr. Jin Chang – ELA                                         [email protected]

Kathy Smith – Adult GED Teacher                    [email protected]

Kara Wagner-Brown – Distance Learning         [email protected]

Kim Lancaster – NEDP                                     [email protected]

Laura Bagby – Paraprofessional                       [email protected]

Leslie Bowyer - English & Art Teacher              [email protected]

Sydney Bays - Science Teacher                       [email protected]

Tina Driskill - Administrative Assistant              [email protected]

Special Education Transition Planning and Coordination

Annette Patterson - Special Education Transition and Planning Coordinator  [email protected]

Melissa Palmer - Supervisor for Special Education
[email protected]